The Three Virtues

Hey all, I am super glad to write from what I am learning and practicing from the Word of God. Recently I have been reading the Thessalonians and the letter is about God's faithfulness and how we can prepare ourselves for the coming of  Christ. I particularly want to meditate on these verses, Let joy be [...]


Let Jesus In – Sahayata Joseph

Hey everybody, here i am again with my guest speaker Sahayata Joseph from Joseph Brothers and Crew (JBC). She an inspiration speaker from Jbc. She is a great friend and a big sister to me. Hope you'll enjoy her writng. I am really glad to write for you today. I wrote this in a season [...]

This Is My Ukulele Talking!

Hey guys! So I am really having a wonderful vacation and I’m also awaiting my results. That said, just so you all know, I am also trying my hand at new things alongside. For starters, I’ve just started learning the ukulele with painting. So this time around, it is my ukulele that’s been very sad [...]

My Birthday Wishlist..!

Hey everyone! I know that my birthday is like a whole month away, but I am already starting to feel so restless and excited that I just can’t stop talking about it. And I wish to use my blog as an outlet to let out all my excitement. Hmmm! And also for letting you all [...]